Off Shoulder Dress moss green/blue/yellow

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Color: Green


●Bamboo cotton material 
● Elastic waist and decorative cord
● 2-way shoulder
● Feather embroidery

Use bamboo cotton.

A 2-way shoulder dress that can be turned on or off by moving the elastic collar.

Based on the results of the questionnaire, we adopted hand-embroidered feathers and applied them to the collar.

The waist is elastic and comfortable, and it fits any body type.

Wings with various expressions such as "leap", "rest the wings", and "extend the wings". Please enjoy the one and only feather hand embroidery in the world, everyone's "feather".

With seam pocket.

There are 2 thick threads on the side that pass through the waist string and string.

Rayon (bamboo) 70%
30% cotton

Length 124cm
shoulder opening 42cm
chest width 56cm
sleeve length 37cm
Hem width 80cm
Waist width 31cm~

[Cleaning method]
Indigo Sea uses natural materials for everything from dyeing to color fixing, so it is more susceptible to washing and sunlight than products dyed with general chemical dyes, and the color changes with repeated use. Please understand that the natural color fading is a texture unique to vegetable dyeing, and please enjoy the change as a whole.

◆Because it is especially easy to discolor up to the third time, please turn it inside out and wash it with water. After the third time, you can turn it inside out and put it in a laundry net and wash it in the washing machine. The color will fade, so please wear it with similar colors. Dissolve the detergent in water first, then put the clothes in. If the detergent gets directly on the fabric, it may cause discoloration.
◆Keep it inside out and dry it in the shade, avoiding direct sunlight.

Avoid the following as much as possible.
hot water
acid, alkali, alcohol
sweat, moisture, soaking
alkaline detergent
Bleach, Enzyme, Fluorescent Bath Agent
Direct sunlight, fluorescent light
dryer, iron

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